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In one of his works of non-fiction, the book about his travels in the United States, American Notes for General Circulation, Dickens criticised Americans for their love of "'smart' dealing which gilds over many a swindle or gross breach of trust". That was in the final chapter. The actual title of the book first published in 1842, is the punning allusion to the situation arising from the financial crisis in 1837 which led many of the States to repudiate their debts that they had incurred by lavish borrowing from foreign institutions. Two real scandals formed the background to one of the novels of Charles Dickens. In Little Dorrit, Dickens depicts the rise of the financier Merdle in social esteem, the eventual failure of his speculations and his subsequent suicide. In marked contrast to the dishonest financier, Arthur Clennam after losing his savings in Merdle's schemes, settles for a "modest life of usefulness and happiness" by marrying Amy Dorrit afterwards. Little Dorrit was originally published in 1856 (many of Dickens' works first appeared in serial form) during a time when the collapse of the Royal British was receiving much publicity. The collapse was a result of the institution having channelled most of its capital into Welsh gold mines in the vain hope that Wales would prove to be the next California. (The discoveries which sparked the California Gold Rush had been made in 1848). After the collapse it was discovered that the directors had made secret loans to themselves and their friends. Dickens used the preface to Little Dorrit to defend what he called "that extravagant conception, Mr. Merdle, by alluding obliquely to "a certain Irish" - the Tipperary which failed in 1857 - and he also mentioned "the curious coincidence" that the public examination of the former directors of the Royal British took place when he was finishing the book. true it is cheaper to produce heavy swearing soft porn and tart
it up as gritty drama. The point seen here may ring a few scary alarm
bells, but once the TV set is on, a lot of common sense goes out of the
window. That is hardly surprising when you consider the huge, vast
even, amounts of advertising money which backs up all of this charade.
For the prime aim of Television as it exists today is purely TO SELL PRODUCTS
EVER INVENTED, to a public that secretly dreams of their
fifteen minutes of fame on that media, which is revered.
You do not pay something like 100 grand minute for adverts,
and not have them just a little sophisticated. Do you now.
If you were spending 100 grand minute of YOUR MONEY to sell
something I reckon you would employ some pretty slick
psychologists and ad people for that kind of cash. Wouldnt you.
Given that as the prime motive, the advert people must attach
their adverts to the prime time ultra prime movers and hence soaps,
and big brother type rubbish. The sole quality the advertising people
want, insist on, and get, for they call our tune in program content
as they pay all the wages, is extreme drama, intense mental hits

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